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School Welfare Officer - Miss Tracey Hunter

Your child's wellbeing is important to us. If at anytime they are unwell or have an accident, we have several members of staff trained in first aid. Miss Hunter leads this team and is well known to all the children. If your child has a medical care plan or has any new medical needs, please contact Miss Hunter who will be happy to help you further.

If your child is unwell during the school day
If your child has a high temperature in school, we will phone you to collect your child.  

All prescribed medications including creams and lip balms will need a ‘Consent Form’. 

If your child has an accident at school, this will be recorded on our school system and an accident form will be sent for your records. If your child bumps their head we will also phone you to let you know.

Winter and Spring

Please ensure that your child brings a coat to school every day. Please put your child’s name in all items of clothing, including gloves, hats and scarves.

We know that a number of children need antihistamines, we ask that you give this to your child before school, but if they need it again before they come home, please complete a consent form and email it to

Summer hats are encouraged in warm weather and if your child suffers with hayfever they may wear sunglasses, but the school will not take responsibility for loss or damage. Sunscreen should be applied before school. Children will be supervised re-applying where necessary.