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Damson Class

News, Events and information regarding learning from Damson Class.

Welcome to Damson Class!

National Poetry Day - 7th Oct 2021


Damson Class planned, wrote and performed this poem as a class. 


Mummy fell into the Swimming Pool


So sitting with the strangers almost fell asleep

As we had nothing to do and nothing to say

Everyone mumbled and grumbled

As it was nearing the end of an awful day


Mummy fell into the pool.


Everyone erupted with giggles and laughter

Swimmers splashed with extra power

Bring me the floats, commanded the lifeguard

Quick oh Quick!



The lifeguard slapped his knee, lost his balance

And tumbled off his seat

Bring us the camera, cheered everyone

Quick oh Quick!



Mummy struggled and gasped for her breath

We all got worried for her health

Grandpa rushed to pull her out

But lost his balance and slipped right in



Mummy makes a big splash

Everyone gets soaking wet

We all got crazy and excited

Therefore, everyone jumped into the pool


Mummy fell into the swimming pool


by Damson Class






International Poetry Day, 21st March 2019

To mark the 20th anniversary of this UNESCO supported event, Damson class wrote and performed 2 poems for the school this morning.


Heston Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is blue,

when you don’t know what to do,

and it gives you such a bad flu,

so you need to go to the loo.


Loads of splashes, dashes with lashes,

Running down the swimming line,

Jumping up like a thousand clowns,

landing in water that sparkles and shine.


On the way to the pool,

quite near to a Muslim School,

we will see tiny toddlers,

alongside with swimming waddlers.


A little boy is feeling sick,

what shall we do?

Here comes, icky, bicky, sicky noise,

so we rush to the loo.


Heston pool is night blue,

With cold icy water,

no one is swimming but You!

So you should go to the ZOO!


By Damson Class

5th March 2019


Damson vs Elm


In Assembly:

When we sit, you mumble,

When we answer, you crumble.

You rumble, you tumble,

While Mr Doyle grumble.

Why don’t you learn and be humble.


In Class:

When we write, we are right

When you write, you bite.

When we are in class, we learn fast,

While you are on planet Mars.

Your expressions dribbles like lime,

Taste like slime, like you’ve committed a crime.

While we shine, we rhyme,

And we are always in time!


In the playground:

When we play like a team,

You’re lazy, you’re crazy, you dream.

You are mean,

and you don’t use sun cream.

You make us sad,

so we are mad.

We want peace,

So why don’t you go to Greece.


In the hall:

We munch, we crunch, we scrunch

When sitting in a bunch, having lunch.

You bite, you fight, you have a plight,

Always on a roller coaster flight.


In the choir:

When we are in choir,

we hear you go hay wire.

When we sing,

you ping ping!

You think we are crazy,

but it’s you, who is hazy.

Now that you are tired,

Why don’t you get fired!


In Golden time:

When we play with cars

Your door is always ajar.

When we play the cubes

You look like a noob.

Our Match attax Cards:

While we trade, you have to pay

While we lay, you delay,

on Saturday,

In May!


By Damson Class

13th March 2019


World Book Day March 2019

Don’t we look different today!