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Our School Rules 

Our aim is to cultivate pupils who embody the values of responsibility, education and service to others within a global context, rooted in the Christian principles upheld by our school. We believe that a tranquil, structured and consistent environment is conducive to our children's learning and development.

We do this through having communication-friendly classrooms that make communication as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible. Our learning environments support learning, social and emotional development too, which all helps to manage behaviour across the school.

At the commencement of each academic year, a central component of our behaviour strategy involves assisting pupils in acclimating to new school routines. Our routines eliminate ambiguity regarding school expectations, alleviate anxiety and establish a clear framework of norms.

Our children are well-versed in the routines. They can articulate the school rules encapsulated within the three primary areas as shown in the stars above.