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St Mary's Trustee Board

St Mary's is a stand-alone academy, our chair of the board is Mrs Victoria Kemble. The Trustee Board is responsible for overseeing St Mary's. We have three members and a Trustee Board. The board is responsible for the following: 

  1. Strategic Leadership and Direction: The Trustee Board sets the strategic direction and vision for the trust. They establish the overarching goals, values and priorities that guide the educational provision and development.

  2. Governance and Accountability: The Trustee Board ensures that the trust operates in accordance with its legal and regulatory obligations. They establish governance structures, policies and procedures to promote transparency, accountability and effective decision-making.

  3. Appointment and Performance Management of Executive Leaders: The Trustee Board appoints the executive leaders of the trust, such as the CEO/ Executive Headteacher, and holds them accountable for the overall performance and management of the trust. They monitor the performance of executive leader and provide support, challenge and oversight as necessary.

  4. Financial Oversight and Management: Trustees are responsible for the financial stewardship of the trust, including overseeing budgeting, financial planning and expenditure. They ensure that financial resources are used efficiently and effectively to support teaching and learning across all schools within the trust.

  5. Policy Development and Review: The Trustee Board is involved in the development, review and adoption of trust-wide policies and procedures. These include policies related to curriculum, admissions, finance, human resources, safeguarding and health and safety.

  6. School Improvement and Performance Monitoring: Trustees monitor the performance and progress of all pupils. They review data on achievement, attendance and well-being to identify areas for improvement and ensure that appropriate support and intervention strategies are implemented.

  7. Community and Stakeholder Engagement: Trustees engage with stakeholders including parents, staff, pupils and the wider community, to foster positive relationships and gather feedback on the performance and priorities of the trust. They represent the interests of stakeholders in decision-making processes.

  8. Compliance and Risk Management: Trustees ensure that the trust complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. They identify and mitigate risks to the trust's operations and reputation, including risks related to finance, governance, safeguarding and compliance.

Overall, the Trustee Board plays a critical role in providing strategic leadership, governance and oversight to ensure the success and sustainability of our school. 

Chair of Trustees: Victoria Kemble - please direct all enquiries to 

or write to

Chair of Trustees
St Mary's CofE Primary school
26 Tentelow Lane
Norwood Green