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Nursery Admissions

We have any of the following combinations available:

- Morning Nursery - 15 hours
- Morning Nursery - 15 hours plus lunch - pick up at 12.30pm
- 30 hours Nursery 
- Optional afternoon sessions
- Wrap around care 7.30am - 6pm

The Early Years is all about learning through play!

At St Mary's, we kickstart our children's learning journey with immersive, hands-on experiences that engage all their senses. Outdoor exploration is central to our approach in our dedicated outdoor area, offering abundant chances for enquiry and discovery. While some activities may get a little messy, they foster a deep love for learning and impart valuable lessons almost effortlessly.

In our Nursery programme, we introduce phonics, literacy, and numeracy concepts through interactive tasks that captivate young minds. What truly distinguishes our Early Years curriculum is the integration of Nursery and Reception classes, enabling children to learn collaboratively and progress faster, encountering challenges tailored to their developmental stage. This vibrant atmosphere ensures each child receives personalised support and ample opportunities to thrive as they begin their educational journey at St Mary's.